Hungry Ghost Economy on Slavery


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Did you know foods like tomatoes, chocolate, and palm oil may be produced using slave labor!

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Hungry Ghost Economy: Poll – Why did/do you eat Snack Pack or store brand pudding?


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Hungry Ghost Economy: Poll – Why did/do you eat Snack Pack or store brand pudding?.


Hungry Ghost Economy: Introduction


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Hungry Ghost Economy: Introduction

Everyday billions of people, so-called consumers, each make multiple decisions.  Each decision seems individually insignificant.  Only by understanding the full impact of each individual decision and how these decisions add up to create and perpetuate non-dual suffering in ourselves, others, and our ecologies, can we engage in right individual action that will add up to re-orient our society and its businesses to constructive rather than destructive ends.  In short, the objective of this project is to facilitate Right Understanding leading to Right Action.
I am a Master of Divinity student at the University of the West. I also hold a MBA from the University of Southern California.  I have worked in the consumer packaged goods industry in marketing, operations (i.e. manufacturing), supply chain, and retail.  I have participated in new product development and commercialization. I will endeavor to leverage my education and experience to offer what I hope will be unique insights and connections. Likewise, I hope you will join me and help me more fully develop the story through your participation via surveys, questions, comments, concerns and in the purchases you make and don’t make.
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No Jail Time for LT Dan Choi


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No Jail Time for LT Dan Choi

Please sign this petition.
In a selfless and courageous stand for civil rights, LT Dan Choi demonstrated against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…in uniform.  I understand the law that prohibits the wearing of the uniform when protesting.  However, I think the particular form of protest engaged in by LT Dan Choi required the wearing of the uniform.  It was a necessary …form of speech.  As a graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point and an Officer, LT Choi needed to stand in uniform to protest Government-sponsored discrimination.  It is a civil rights issue.  The U.S. Government chooses to not pursue cases all the time.  The fact that it continues to pursue a case against LT Choi is not justice.  It is revenge.  It belies the persistent and pervasive pockets of homophobic culture still infecting our Armed Forces at every level.
The Government needs to drop the case.
Thank you for your service, Dan!
Your brother, Raymond McDonald US Military Academy, West Point, 1993

Please Sign This Petition: Tell Congress to Support Victims of Sexual Trauma


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The Ruth Moore Act of 2013 is an important FIRST step in helping the victims of military sexual trauma.  Please sign this petition and write your Congressional Leaders urging them to address the causes and conditions that result in military sexual trauma.

Here is a copy of my letter:

The military has resources.  The military also has a culture that ostracizes anyone who is injured or ill and attempts to utilize those resources.  The hypermasculine, homophobic, and misogynistic culture objectifies women and creates the causes and conditions that enable their victimization.  It inhibits reporting.  It victimizes the reporter.  If a person does not report, seek, or receive assistance after leaving the military, via the VA, the person is re-traumatized again and again.  The VA willfully ignores the military culture and prohibitions against reporting.  Rather than assisting Veterans, it delays and denies assistance to them.  These delays and denials are additional traumas that amplify the sense of learned helplessness experienced by the victim.  Instead of helping a Veteran reconstruct her life, the VA acts are deconstructive and destructive of life.  PTSD symptoms worsen and the person is nearly or wholly rendered disabled.  This happens to both women AND MEN.  Arguments to exclude women on the basis of gender, rather than establishing objective performance standards, dehumanize women as the other, as lesser.  Women are not a problem.  A lack of professional leadership, inadequate civilian oversight, and legal accountability at the highest levels of leadership are responsible for the persistent and pervasive troglodytic military culture.  It is essential that Congress pass the Ruth Moore Act of 2013 as a FIRST step towards a comprehensive process of Congressional Oversight and Accountability of the Military.

Signed, Raymond M. McDonald US Military Academy, 1993 Former Armor Officer (Captain), 1993-1998

Cease Fire!


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A number of people are concerned about the sequestration and military budget cuts.  I am not.  I think they do not go deep enough!

If how we spend is an indication of what is important to us, we need to spend more on love and social justice, on health and on care.  We need to turn swords into plowshares.

The problem with our open table is that some people are serving themselves second and third helpings while others remain unserved and are told to be satisfied with watching others eat.  For an increasing number, the American Dream is to have food and health.

Military efforts in Afghanistan are creating an armed culture of drug use, violence, and oppression.  Pedophilia, corruption, and violence by the U.S.-supported secular Afghan Military is, according to experts, only creating the causes and conditions that will again cause people to turn to the Taliban as liberators.  In-country military advisors, such as one Marine Command Sergeant Major interviewed on NPR, are literally crying because they are helpless to intervene to stop the exploitation and they, better than anyone, can foresee the increased violence and oppression that they will be leaving behind.  Mission accomplished?

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye (Matt. 7:5).

Military efforts fail to support organic solutions to others’ problems.  Arguably, they fail to leave us safer.  Defiitely, they distract us from working on our own poverty and problems within the U.S.

The arguments have already been made in the 60s.  The problems remain unresolved in the 21st Century.


When I was an Armor (Tanks) Platoon Leader in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany, I recall how any people were impressed by the power of my position, the power to issue the command “Fire!”  I always made it a point to correct this error in thinking.

Saying “Fire!” to a group of people on the edge of firing is not power.

Saying “Cease Fire!” and the firing immediately ceasing is the true expression of power.  It is the manifestation of collective will and discipline.  It is expressive of our greatest power and potential.  It is the moment in which every individual stops operating as a mechanistic cog in a collective machine of destruction.  In the silence, there is a pause in which each individual returns to himself or herself.  In stark contrast to the sounds of destruction, the silence begs the question, “what’s next?”  In this pregnant pause is born love; love manifests as the potential for construction.

“Cease Fire!”  Return to base.  New Mission.  Time Now.

Assassin White One.  Out.

Responses to Wealth Inequality in America: Moving from Witness to Justice


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1.  Unfortunately, when viewed from psychology and history, I fear that the slow economic decline and corresponding decline in infrastructure and quality of life, will, in general, be endured until it manifests to a point of social decline that results in such scarcity of resources that small conflicts will increasingly erupt into riots.  This violence will, by and large, be contained and internalized within the locations of the economically oppressed.  History tells me scapegoat-ism will increasingly manifest and blame and violence between immigrants, the historically structurally disenfranchised, and the former middle class.  Under these conditions, disorganized violence can become increasingly organized against one another and/or the upper class leading to a combined military and police response and suppression or institutions (I am thinking interfaith alliances united in moral-ethical common cause) can unite the oppressed as a single body in nonviolent common cause.  Unfortunately, a violent and destructive outcome is positively reinforced by a post-war type economy of restructuring built on more debt.

2.  I am a M. Div. student.  We watched this video in my Spiritual Leadership class.  My witness as a former continuous improvement leader from a top 25 MBA program who worked in some of the largest corporations in the world: this wealth is entirely extractive and exploitative.  Year after year, companies report increased financial growth and efficiency.  1%-10% of individuals possessing asymmetrical information are able to differentiate between real/sustainable gains and unsustainable gains and thrive in good and bad times.  The benefits have not translated to improved quality of life for the majority of people.  The masses work under conditions of increasing stress, declining health, and declining health care.  Under conditions of socioeconomic insecurity, families suffer and are broken.  The quality of life is declining generation to generation.  Yet, each individual suffers in isolation.  Minds, bodies, and spirits are being broken.  Individuals within the bottom 90%, under stress, react in fear and anger against one another.  The “Protestant Work Ethic” makes poverty and unemployment sinful; the poor and working poor are made to feel like failures at home and at work.  More adults cry in Corporate America than people think – at all levels.  People have become human capital resources whose productive “value” is extracted.  Once that value is exhausted, they are discarded like so much manufacturing waste.  Neither the three branches of Government nor the “fourth” branch, the media, are doing anything to change this growing injustice.  It is my hope, in the spirit of MLK, Jr. and others, that our Churches, as the 5th branch of Government, will organize the individual voices into collective prophetic voice and action that will lead to a sustainable reversal of this inhumane trend – both at home and abroad.

3.  Our Government has been hijacked by Corporations.  When corporations are endowed with the legal status of individuals, they co-opt individual rights, as well.  Legal protections that serve as internal checks and balances no longer maintain the social contract.  In such states of disequilibrium, it becomes incumbent upon extra-governmental institutions to organize people, to co-locate with the oppressed and from their position to hold the Government accountable, to demand justice and ensure the social contract between the government and the governed.  I think a compelling case can be made that the freedom of the press and the freedom of religion serve as checks and balances not just to ensure individual rights, but to operate in conjunction with the right to assemble.  In theory/de jure, viewed as a closed system, the Govt is limited to three branches.  In a broader view/de facto, the Govt is composed of quasi-governmental bodies like lobbyists and corporations on one side that must be balance by other institutions that are not of the Government, but are necessary forces in the operation of a healthy and functioning Government.

4.  To be clear, I also believe the economic oppressors are oppressed.  Their perception of the “rules of the game” reinforce their greed, anger, and ignorance and lead them to attach to material wealth.  Sadly, like hungry ghosts, they can never be satisfied, yet continue in a single direction for the answer. Liberal and conservative leaders both fail to recognize the intrinsic common distortion created by their bourgeois location.  I think Kerry, Romney, and others have made it crystal clear how disconnected they have been and are with reality; the result is dehumanization.  Like Cornel West and Tavis Smiley pointed out, it creates The Rich and The Rest of Us.  Think of the impact on RFK of leaving Massachusetts, visiting Alabama, ad witnessing with disbelief that we can have whole areas where individuals suffer from severe malnutrition and distended stomachs in the U.S.  Whose nutritional insecurity fatally limits their growth, livelihoods, and lives.  You cannot witness and be moved from afar.  You have to be in the room, look in the eyes, taste, smell, and feel it with nowhere to run to, and to hear the cries of the children and the angry words of the parents, to feel it.  We are designed for empathy (i.e. mirror neurons).  We must feel the imminent and immanent threat of death and emptiness in our collective belly and womb.  We are not only destroying ourselves, but the planet.  The ongoing debate in the media between liberal and conservative bourgeois positions say “sorry, we are trying but we canot seem to agree on how to help you” while the financial news testifies to the fact that in the midst of their failure to help us, they have no problem increasingly helping themselves.  It’s a scam and we need to organize and stop being willing passive partners in being bamboozled.

Passive disconnected spirituality cannot be acceptable.  People need to look without as well as within.  It is my hope that individuals will go forth and open themselves to being vulnerable, to allow the pain outside to contact the pain inside, and to unite in solidarity with one another in common cause.  Every small act matters.  We are disenfranchised.  Yet, every call or letter to a politician is calculated to represent the viewpoints of hundred if not thousands that do not call.  Therefore, let us unite around important legislation and court cases and change the Govt.  Our churches and community organizations are good places to come together.  Let us move from witness to justice!